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A while back I wrote a tip for getting money transferred between an American Paypal account and an Israeli Bank account, I have decided to add an other tip for lifehacking in Israel. Since moving to Israel a few years ago one of the biggest challenges that I have been facing has been getting good books to read. There is always the option to borrow books from friends but on occasion I have found that there are books that my friends and people around me just aren't reading. That's when I would turn to good old Amazon and order books to my parents house in America and wait for someone to bring them in for me.

The problem with the Amazon method was that it could take weeks or months to get my books and this was time that I just couldn't wait so I went on a mission to find a different way to get my books delivered. When I told a friend at school about the situation she told me that she has been using this site for a while that offers free shipping to Israel as well as many other countries around the world called Book Depository. So figuring what could be the harm I signed up for an account and placed an order for a relatively cheap book (just in case it never arrived I wouldn't feel like I had lost money one it).  Sure enough the shipping was free and the book came in perfect condition!

The service:

I placed my order around new years and according to their site it was supposed to take a little more than 14 business days to get to me. I received an email confirming that the order had been placed and the next day an email letting me know that the book was en-route. This was really exciting, I marked the calendar for the day that it should arrive so that I would be on the look out for it.  When the day that it was supposed to arrive came around it wasn't in the mail, I waited a few days and still no package, so I emailed the Book Depository and asked them where it was. I was surprised by how quickly they responded and they told me that if the book hasn't arrived yet it was probably lost in the mail. They offered my two courses of option, I could get a refund for the book or they could send me a new one on them.

I took them up on the replacement and sure enough 2 weeks later the book was here!  It was a small book so it came in a padded envelope (I have ordered bigger books that come in cardboard) with a bookmark inside. That first book was the only one that has had any issues and since then everything has been arriving on time.


I was impressed by the prices of the book on this site. All the books that I have ordered since joining the service have been at least 10% off some of them more. The books are priced very aggressively and with the free shipping spending $7-10 on a book doesn't seem so bad.

You have the ability to create a wishlist in your account that sets up an alert so when a book that you want drops in price they will send you an email letting you know. This is huge because no other site does this in house, you can set up a tracker like TrackIf that will let you know when a price drops but Amazon isn't going to alert you when a product goes down in price.

 Book Depository also has a newsletter that comes out every few weeks with books that are on sale and things that are trending now. So you can almost always get the book that you want at a very low price.

Other fun features that they have on their site are things like seeing what is hot now, and what people in your area are buying. You can see a live map of the world and see what books people are buying in real time and where they are buying from, they have competitions on the site that you can win all kinds of goodies.

When it comes down to it their service is the Zappos of Books.

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All For The Best

Everyday coming home from class I take the same bus and pass the same bridge with the words “Everything is for the best” written in graffiti on the side. A while back I had been reading “The Zen Art of Happiness” and one of the first messages or lessons in the book was talking about seeing everything that befalls you to be for the best. There are many times when I can look at things and say yeah if I didn’t make that choice then X, Y, and Z wouldn’t have happened. At the same time you can look at bad things that are happening and just feel like the sky is falling.

I always get the feeling that when it rains it pours. Take for example a few weeks ago my watch battery died. Perfectly natural thing to happen, I’ve been wearing for over a year and this was bound to happen. Saturday night I go out to get a new battery and life is good again. On the following Friday my boyfriend and I go to the beach where my watch get a little wet (okay it kind of took a swim) and everything seemed fine. Saturday morning my watch is no longer working. These two events on their own don’t seem all that bad, it was extremely annoying not having a watch for my final exams and getting used to not wearing one, but no reason to feel like the end of the world was coming. Until Monday afternoon when one of my headphones started acting up, where by Wednesday they were dead. Then all of the sudden its like the world is coming to an end. Too many bad things are happening too close together and I no longer know what to do!

I have been working on dialing back my reactions to when the sky is falling. I have a regular habit of listening to the Jillian Micheals podcasts (I’m very behind) and there was one that really felt like it hit home. She was talking about admitting that you have anger in your life and working on controlling and managing it. Ways that she talked about controlling it were to have a tantrum mat, a place that you could just get all your anger out in a safe environment, writing a handwritten letter to the person you are angry at and then trowing it away. Just getting the aggression out is key is not letting the world get to you.

Last year I took up running and that was the one thing that really kept me sane with all the things that were going on in my life. After moving to a third floor walk up apartment I just stopped having the energy to go for a run and then have to tackle those stairs that I gave it up. That seems to be the biggest mistake that I made this year. Had I been pounding the pavement to get that aggression out then all the little things wouldn’t be adding up to so much weight like they are now.

So I guess the take away here is that you have to find what keeps you calm. Thank god none of us are the hulk and will smash buildings with our anger but that doesn’t mean that we don’t really cause damage in our lives. Every time I go down that rabbit-hole of this happened, and then that, and she said, it pisses me off! And I just go and unload all that nonsense on the people in your life it just drives them away, but if you keep it all in then all this aggression and anger just consumes you.

There are certain realizations that we have to come to. Things like we can’t fix everything, things that happen in our lives happen for the best possible reason and that its all for the best. You just have to get there, to see the messages that are out there around you and internalize them.

That message on the wall is a reminder to me everyday that “everything is for the best” and that we have to start realizing and taking advantage of it.

Pushy Israelis

This morning we were all sitting in our online journalism class like we have been doing every Monday morning since the beginning of the semester.  All class the door is opening and people are looking in like they are expecting the room to be empty and leaving right away, we don't think anything of it because this happens all the time.

At 1 o'clock this big Israeli guy walks in to the room and starts yelling at the teacher that she has taken his room. That he has 3 classes to teach today and no room to use because she is "hogging" his. She calmly says to him that we have had this room all semester and that there is no way that this could be "his room." He leaves angrily and we all start talking about how rude he was.

Three minutes later a woman from the logistics office comes in and tells us that she has a new room open for us to use until 1:45 when the class is over. So for the last 40ish minutes of class we move down the hall as the angry Israeli guy (who apparently works at a TV station) glares at us like we've done something wrong.

I have been trying to understand why all these Israelis are always trying to put themselves first. I understand the whole "if you let them push you around then they'll walk all over you" mentality but a little consideration. Can't you choose your battles? This one wasn't really worth it was it? Maybe I'm missing the point here.

A Simple Life

This morning on my bus ride into school I started thinking about what life would be like without all the technology that we have today.  How quiet would it be without all the cars? Would we meet more people around us because we aren't clouded by the technology that keeps us in touch with those we care about who are not in our immediate proximity?  Life would be so different.

Maybe if we didn't have all this technology we wouldn't feel like there aren't enough hours in the day because there wont be websites or video games to keep you distracted. Maybe we would spend more time with our loved ones and less time with our cell phones.  Would our lives be less stressful? Studies show that as we take on more in our lives we are becoming more and more stressed with life.  I think we can all use less stressful lives, but I just can't seem to give up TV.  If we could live simpler lives and still have the shows on TV I'd be happy.

It has recently come to my attention just how many people are sitting or standing around each other not interacting because we're all in our own little worlds with our headphones in. Makes me think about that movie "Josie and the Pussy Cats" where the CD has a subtrack that brainwashes everyone.  Makes you wonder if that could happen with all these people wired all the time.

Just some thoughts I was having today... Wouldn't it be nice?


This has been a few months full of politics.  Back in October when I was in the states I filled out an absentee ballot. In that election it turned out that my vote didn't seem to count for anything.  Here we are a few months later with another election today, this time in Israel.  Everyone that I talk to has been making a huge deal about voting and I get it.

We live in a democracy and we should be celebrating our ability to control who is in our government, but has anyone ever sat down to think about what if we don't know who we want to be in our government?  Do we really know who the candidates are? Are they going to keep their promises?  Did they just say those things to get elected?  There are too many questions. And I just don't feel like I have the ability to choose who is going to be put into office. What if you end up making the wrong decision? Over the weekend I read over summaries of the parties that are running and they all made points that I agreed with and I had been hoping that reading over their points on key topics would help me to choose one. Turns out that didn't work.

I kept getting stuck on this feeling. What do I know about foreign policy? I've been living in this country for less than 3 years, heck I lived in the US for 20 years and don't know what to look for in a presidential candidate.  I was reading Seth Godin's blog other day and he had a post about "With great power comes great irresponsibility" and I agreed with his ideas. When we give people power then they can do what ever they want and all you can say is "I can't believe I picked this guy."

If the guy who gets elected turns out to be a terrible person, is it all okay because a majority of people wanted to put him there?  I was too conflicted, a friend of mine said that not voting in a way is a form of voting.  I do want to live in a better world, I just feel like all this politics isn't helping, there is so much lying and just saying things to get the votes. That I don't feel properly informed to make an informed decision. I know there are going to be a lot of angry people about this post, but this is my honest opinion on the situation.